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Code push is a cloud service that allows developers to push app updates directly to users' devices.

  • Integrate in minutes with no code changes
  • Push updates to any Dart code
  • Supports all Android and iOS devices
  • Designed for App Store and Play Store compliance
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"We use Shorebird at Kijiji on Android and it's been awesome. Working well at a very large scale."
Jason Rai
Head of Frontend Engineering, Kijiji
"Shorebird was very useful for distributing updates to my Flame game with over 10k players. Works like a charm."
Renan Araujo
Senior Engineer, Superlist
"Shorebird solves one of the biggest challenges: bringing over-the-air updates instantly to your users. Backed by an amazing team."
Taha Tesser
Engineer, Codemagic

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Deliver instant updates to your users with pricing that scales as you grow.


/ month

For small apps and demos.

  • Unlimited apps
  • 1 developer
  • 5K patch installs/month
  • Community support
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/ month

For apps that can scale.

  • 50K patch installs/month
  • Unlimited apps
  • Unlimited developers
  • Community support
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For very large apps.

  • Unlimited apps
  • Unlimited developers
  • High volume discounts
  • Private Support
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*Prices are quoted in USD and sold as "patch installs per month", reflecting successful installs of a given patch. For example, 1 patch pushed to 10 devices is 10 installs. 2 patches pushed to 5 devices is also 10 installs.

Built by Flutter experts
Eric Seidel headshot
Eric Seidel

Founder of Flutter & former Director of Engineering for Flutter/Dart at Google.

Felix Angelov headshot
Felix Angelov

Creator of Bloc & Mason. Former Principal Engineer at Very Good Ventures.

Bryan Oltman headshot
Bryan Oltman

Former architecture lead for Google's internal-facing enterprise Flutter team.

Erick Zanardo headshot
Erick Zanardo

Flutter & Dart GDE. Flame Core member. Previously at Very Good Ventures.

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What platforms does Shorebird support?

iOS and Android. Shorebird is designed to go anywhere Flutter can. If you are interested in desktop or other platforms, let us know.

Does Shorebird work for existing apps?

Yes. Shorebird requires no code changes to your Flutter app to adopt. See our quick start guide to get started.

Does Shorebird comply with Play Store and App Store guidelines?

Yes. Shorebird has been designed to comply with Play Store and App Store guidelines. Code push is common in the industry, including several other commercial update products from Microsoft App Center, Expo, and Ionic. Refer to the FAQs for more info.

Can I use this in production?

Yes! Shorebird is production ready on iOS and Android and has been used in production by thousands of apps since early 2023. We safely deliver millions of patches every month on behalf of our customers.

Can Shorebird see my source code?

No. Shorebird never stores or transmits your source code. See our documentation for more information.

Are there any limitations or known issues?

We keep a list of known issues at https://docs.shorebird.dev/status.

Can I self-host Shorebird or do you offer on-prem?

Not yet. See tracking issue.

Where is the roadmap?

Shorebird is developed entirely in the public, including our project boards shows what we are currently working on.

For additional questions, see our docs or ask us on Discord.