Shorebird 1.0 🥳

We’re excited to announce Shorebird Code Push 1.0, including stable support for iOS!

1.0 Announcement

🐦 What is Shorebird?

Shorebird allows you to update your Flutter apps instantly over the air, deploying fixes directly to end users’ devices. Shorebird can be integrated into your app in under 5 minutes and requires no code changes. With Shorebird, you can update any Dart code in your app instantly.

Shorebird is built to comply with Apple and Google store policies without sacrificing performance (even after patching).

Shorebird is free to use for small apps and offers plans that scale as your app grows.

🚀 Get Started

Get started now with our Quick Start Guide!

iOS stable requires the latest version of Shorebird CLI (1.0.0) and the latest stable version of Flutter (3.19.5). Known issues are tracked on our status page.

Code is available on GitHub.

See you on Discord 👋

Your Shorebird Team (Eric, Erick, Bryan, and Felix)

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