Announcing Code Push iOS beta 🥳

Shorebird Code Push allows you to update your Flutter app instantly over the air and deploy fixes directly to end users’ devices.

Shorebird’s Android support has been production ready for nearly a year and is used by thousands of apps. Hundreds of early adopters have tried our iOS support during alpha these last 7 months.

We’re excited to announce that Code Push for Flutter is now in beta for iOS!

iOS beta requires the latest version of Shorebird CLI (0.25.0) and the latest stable version of Flutter (3.16.9).

🚀 Get Started

Get started now with our Quick Start Guide and join the Shorebird community on Discord!

🚦 Status

Code Push for iOS is now beta and safe for production apps. If you’ve been waiting to try Shorebird until there was stable iOS support, now is the time!

If you encounter any problems, please file an issue or reach out over Discord we will work with you to address it immediately!

🔥 iOS improvements from alpha

Thank you again to the thousands of developers who have supported Shorebird and provided feedback thus far.

🚏 Road to 1.0

This release is marked “beta” rather than 1.0 due to a couple oustanding issues:

Both of these will be addressed in the coming weeks. There is no change to app speed before patches have been applied. Android builds run at full speed both patched and unpatched.

🐦 Try Shorebird

Please try adding Shorebird to your app on iOS and let us know what you think!

See you on Discord 👋


The Shorebird Team (Eric, Bryan, and Felix)

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